• The Strange Interactions Between “Sabine und Michael”

    My daughter is taking full-year German this year and came home with an odd worksheet featuring very rudimentary cartoon drawings that are used to tell a story. Seems like a good concept but the associated dialogue left us all a bit dumbfounded. Here’s the page and translation: ———————– Mr. Schmidt: “How old are you, Sabine?” […]
  • Name your own price for The Humble Manga Bundle: Fantasy by Kodansha Comics!

    The Humble Manga Bundle: Fantasy by Kodansha Comics just launched on Wednesday, January 30 at 11 a.m. Pacific time! Kodansha is back with manga like Drifting Dragons Vol. 1-3, Cells at Work! Vol. 1-4, Noragami Vol. 1-6, Mushishi Vol. 1-10, Land of the Lustrous Vol. 1-5, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Vol. 1-4, and more! […]
  • Pay what you want for The Humble Comics Bundle: Fan Faves & New Hits by Dynamite

    The Humble Comics Bundle: Fan Faves & New Hits by Dynamite Here’s the link! Over 9600 pages for more than 98% off. It’s our biggest Dynamite bundle yet! Pick up Undisputed Street Fighter, Vampirella Master Series, Game of Thrones, Nancy Drew, Battlestar Galactica,Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet, and more favorites. Plus, your purchase can support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. […]
  • Pay what you want for The Humble Comics Bundle: Deadly Class by Image Comics!

    The Humble Comics Bundle: Deadly Class by Image Comics Here’s the link! This bundle has a lot of class. We’ve teamed up with Image Comics for our newest bundle! Get Deadly Class issues #1-35 or read the series as collections with Deadly Class Volumes 1-7. You’ll be all caught up for issue #36 AND the new SyFy show when they come out on January […]
  • The Most Notable The New York Times Illustrations in 2018

    The New York Times posted their picks for the most notable print and online illustrations to appear in their publication in 2018. They pared down the thousands submitted to the ones that were “conveying emotion, creating space for thought, adding depth to subjects that may feel at once both too complex and overly familiar.” You […]
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