May 29, 2024

2 thoughts on “Review: Astrohaus Freewrite (2nd Gen) smart distraction-free typewriter

  1. Excellent review! The little machine has so many appealing features, and I for one would have bought it immediately IF they had ditched the cloud-based everything in favor of SD-card storage or something similar. Cloud-based writing? No thanks!

    1. It’s stored both locally on the machine and then your choice of email, cloud, or other program like Evernote (or everything). It’s pretty much instant over wi-fi.

      Personally, I would never want to go back from cloud storage. On my PCs, everything is automatically backed up to the cloud (in addition to being on local storage), so I never ever have to worry or think about backups (not to mention I have automatic revision history – I primarily use Dropbox, but I also use the other cloud services like Google’s, OneDrive, etc.). It’s always there and available regardless of what machine I choose to work from. It’s perfect redundancy. It’s transformed the way I work for years now and I would never want to go back to the stress of potential corruption (or overwriting) from a single source save location.

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