The Computer Games Journal: Call for Papers for 2020

The Computer Games Journal: Call for Papers for 2020


The Computer Games Journal welcomes original, up-to-date research and reflections on games development and industry issues, including
research papers, review papers, rebuttals and book reviews.

Topics of interest in The Computer Games Journal include:

* Games programming and technology
* Graphics, audio and storyboarding
* Entrepreneurship and business models
* Game genres, and gamers’ preferences
* IP and ownership issues
* Factors influencing gamer behaviors

For general enquiries, please contact the editors-in-chief at:

Guidelines for prospective authors are available online at:

Please kindly note that all papers shall be scanned for plagiarism and paraphrasing using iThenticate. The writing shall be in proper academic English: it must be grammatically correct, and consist of appropriate vocabulary and terminology. Papers failing to meet these standards are likely to be rejected without peer review.

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