Types of Illustration – Styles and Techniques

Types of Illustration – Styles and Techniques

A few decades ago, the presentation of text, concepts, or processes via illustration was not as valued as it is now. Industries have realized that visual interpretation of information is crucial, and as a result, illustrations are getting more and more important.

New forms of technologies are being introduced every day. This means that new illustration styles and possibilities have been introduced. Illustrators can now use computer software to present their illustration with any style of their liking. Examples of this software include Photoshop, Illustrator, and Inkscape.

In the modern world, illustrations have had the most use in advertisements, entertainment, and books or teaching materials. Nowadays, the advertising and entertainment industries are very lucrative, which is one reason why illustrations are becoming more popular every day.

Depending on the technique used, illustration can be divided into two broad categories: modern style and traditional illustration.

Modern illustration techniques

Technology has taken illustration to a whole new level. The use of computer software offers several possibilities that were previously unavailable in the traditional styles.

Illustrations can now come in various styles including 3D. If you want to convert your idea or concept into an illustration, get in touch with illustration experts from leading firms like iLustra.

Below are examples of modern illustration techniques.

Freehand digital illustrations

This technique resembles illustrations drawn on paper, canvas, or any other traditional medium. The difference is that the illustration is created using digital software. With digital software, the illustrator can access a wide range of colors required to make a classy illustration. In addition, making changes or correcting mistakes on the illustration is easier.

Illustrations created using this technique come in a rasterized format. This means that they can only be scaled up to a certain limit when printing them, otherwise they lose their quality. They can be used in animated storyboards, book illustrations, and recreational art.

Vector graphics

Illustrations created using vector graphic images are produced in a way where they can be expanded to a very large size before losing their quality. This means that if you want bigger illustrations, then you have to design them using vector graphics.

Because of their clear outlines, they have been largely used in posters and website logos. When compared to freehand illustration, vector graphics are the superior of the two. A vector graphic illustration can be changed and stretched in different manners to obtain different results.

Traditional styles

Illustration is one of the art forms that have existed for a long time. Though we have modern illustration styles, this does not imply that traditional styles are less relevant. This is the perfect way you can express yourself or as an artist. Below are some of the traditional styles.

Woodcutting illustration

This is one of the most ancient illustration techniques. It rose to popularity in the middle ages and even became more popular when they were printed in books using carved blocks. The technique is still used in the modern world since there are people who still enjoy this style of art. Artists who want their art to have a natural feel also use this technique.

Pencil illustration

This is perhaps the most common illustration technique. Illustrators and even people who are trying to explain a certain concept use this method. Pencil illustration became so popular because with a pencil, you can add tons of various effects, shades, and lines of different colors. The artist also has the freedom diversity and style.

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