• Review: Sumaote Motion Sensor Solar Post Cap Light 4×4

    We installed a wooden fence a few years ago and used wooden fencepost caps. What a mistake! Many have split and become worn, but with a never-ending array of home projects to tend to, replacing them had been low priority. However, we recently had some sand delivered for a project and the driver pulled his […]
  • Let’s Talk About Masks

    Masks have long been associated with infectious diseases. One need only recall the terrifying beaked masks that have become an iconic symbol of the Black Death of the 14th century, despite first emerging during the 17th century, when some doctors put them to use during the Plague of 1656. Thankfully, these macabre masks now only […]
  • The Strange Interactions Between “Sabine und Michael”

    My daughter is taking full-year German this year and came home with an odd worksheet featuring very rudimentary cartoon drawings that are used to tell a story. Seems like a good concept but the associated dialogue left us all a bit dumbfounded. Here’s the page and translation: ———————– Mr. Schmidt: “How old are you, Sabine?” […]
  • So Many Diets, Which to Choose?

    January usually centers around New Year’s resolutions, which often involve weight loss. This is not surprising given that 39.8% of the US population is considered overweight or obese, with the prevalence of both only expected to increase in the coming years. Weight loss resolutions are certainly a boon to gyms across the country, leading to […]
  • New Cellphone Technology Can Detect HIV

    Investigators at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital have designed a portable and affordable cellphone-based diagnostic tool to detect HIV, which can have profound implications in developing countries and other resource-limited areas. The novel platform is described in a paper published in Nature Communications. Detecting HIV as early as possible after infection is essential. It helps […]
  • Popular Food Additive Linked to Celiac Disease

    Celiac disease is a rare autoimmune disease that affects approximately 1% of the US population, though the condition is suspected to be underdiagnosed because some people do not develop the characteristic gastrointestinal symptoms associated with the disease, such as diarrhea and weight loss. In people with celiac disease, exposure to gluten (eg, from eating wheat, […]
  • Why I Drink Silver Tea

    I make a drink that my mom has dubbed, “silver tea.” That’s really a misnomer because there’s no tea in it. It’s just a combination of hot water and a splash of milk. Might sound gross but I like it, though it was a drink that was borne out of need–or want–for me. I first […]

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