• Juggling Pianos: How I'm Trying to Hack my Brain

    I’ve always liked to consider myself a fairly well-rounded individual with lots of interests. While my interest level in a particular activity usually doesn’t line up with my skill, I can still get a lot of enjoyment out of new activities even if I’m not particularly talented at them. It’s the journey as much as […]
  • Pay what you want for The Humble Software Bundle: Learn Instruments and Design!

    The Humble Software Bundle: Learn Instruments and Design just launched on Tuesday, November 5 and will be live through Tuesday, November 26. Looking to pick up a new fun and creative hobby? This bundle full of software can help! Pick up a new instrument with Guitar Method, Piano and Keyboard Method, and Interactive Rock Guitar. Or explore your creative design side with Comic Creator Studio, Graphic Design Studio, and Creative Fonts Wonderful Collection.

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