Why the Surface Book 3 is my remote schooling companion

Why the Surface Book 3 is my remote schooling companion

Since everyone is doing things remotely now, we’re beginning to notice all the different things that need to be fixed or replaced around our homes. If you’re like me, you’ve been using your computer a lot more than you ever have before. Whether it’s for work, school, or just entertainment, it’s become a big part of our daily lives. Maybe your laptop or computer just isn’t working as well as you would like it to, or perhaps it doesn’t suit your needs anymore. Recently I realized that it was time for an upgrade. I needed something that would be able to keep up with me. Overall, I’m very happy that I decided it was time to switch.

My main reason for upgrading is relatively straightforward. My old Surface Pro 3 had a kickstand. The kickstand was there because the keyboard can’t support the weight of the screen on its own. Generally speaking, the kickstand wouldn’t be an issue, but every weekday I have to be on video calls, and I’m required to show my face. One can only position the kickstand so far forward before it snaps back in place, in turn making the screen collapse onto the keyboard. I could never position the kickstand far back enough to get my full face in view, which frustrated my teachers and me a good deal. I could never think of a way around it either. Another issue I had with the kickstand was that it was a challenge to work on certain surfaces. Depending on what surface I was working on, the kickstand would have a hard time staying up. It would slip, and the screen would collapse onto the keyboard. This was a pretty regular occurrence, and it seemed like no matter what I did, the kickstand was always a problem. The kickstand’s primary function is to keep the screen up, and in my opinion, it failed miserably in doing so. The only thing that the kickstand could ever really be useful for is if you used a painting app and used it as an easel or used it to prop up the screen when watching a movie. Even then, though, It might still slip. After all of this struggle, I decided the best option for me was to switch to something more suitable. My best option was the Surface Book 3

My Surface Book 3

The Surface Book 3 is a fantastic laptop. It has face ID, which makes logging into the computer so much quicker and easier. The keyboard is by far one of the best, and the trackpad is too. It has a widescreen and amazing color-rendering. It has excellent camera quality as well. The design of the laptop is clean and modern. The material used to make the laptop feels very high quality as well. Depending on what you use it for, the battery life can easily last all day. It’s easy to use, and you can use it for anything. The Surface Book 3 also has the ability to become a tablet. It is easy to take it off the keyboard and snap it back in. Once you snap it in, a notification will pop up on the bottom of the screen that tells you it is attached. It is the best laptop I ever had. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the switch! I don’t regret buying the Surface Book 3, and honestly, I wish I had it sooner. It is the perfect computer for me; It accommodates all my needs and then some. If you’re looking for a new laptop, I would, without a doubt, recommend the Surface Book 3.

While I do love my new Surface Book 3, it has its cons as well. It is not as portable as other computers. It’s a much larger laptop, and it’s bulkier too. While It probably can fit into most large computer bags, it is relatively heavy for a computer. It also isn’t the cheapest; I got mine for around 1,200.00 USD. It doesn’t come with a Surface pen, so if you want to use it for drawing, it will cost about another 75.00 USD. I got my pen for around this price, and I am super happy with it. I got my pen in the color red, and it adds a nice contrast to the gray metal of the computer. The pen works perfectly, and it is high quality. Another feature of the Surface Book 3 that could be improved is the audio quality for when you make videos. Whenever I would film something on my computer, the audio for the video would be a little bit fuzzy or not as crisp as it should be. 

Overall, I could not be happier that I made the switch. This computer was the perfect fit for me, and I love everything about it. If you require a new laptop and do not mind the price or bulkiness, this laptop is the thing for you. It has a clean design and can cater to every need you could possibly have. 

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