A High School Student’s Look at the Surface Book 3

A High School Student's Look at the Surface Book 3

The Surface Book 3 is by far the best computer I have owned. The laptop itself is light silver, which gives it a clean, aesthetically pleasing look similar to that of the Macbook. Every part of the computer is incredibly smooth to the touch. The screen is wide, providing plenty of visibility and clarity during use. Compared to laptops I have had in the past, it is much easier to work with split-screen tabs with the Surface Book 3 since you can see more with greater ease. I find myself zooming into the tabs far less than I used to. Personally, I am not a fan of keyboards with tall, tightly-packed keys that really jut out, as I hate having to use a lot of pressure when typing and often have issues with cramped keys. But the Surface Book 3’s keys are perfect; they are well spaced and are on the flatter side. I feel like I can type faster and more efficiently, helping greatly with daily writing and online school tasks. The trackpad is also excellent, and because it is on the larger side, it allows for more user mobility.

The laptop is detachable, with the screen half separating from the keyboard to act as a tablet. Unlike some previous Surface devices, you must press a button on the keyboard itself before you can separate the computer, giving more stability to the device. You can work with the screen on its own or reattach it to the keyboard backward, depending on personal preference. Compared to its earlier counterparts, it also has far more stability when attached to the keyboard since it folds like a standard laptop would while retaining the tablet function.

When using the laptop as a tablet, I find it helps to have a Bluetooth pen for manual writing tasks since the Surface Book 3 has some cool pen features. When searching via the computer in tablet mode, you can search with manual writing using your stylus. Unfortunately, you need to have reasonably neat handwriting to properly use this feature, as the computer can mistake messy handwritten items for different characters you may not want to use in your search, resulting in the user rewriting characters. To erase these unwanted characters, you can draw a dash through them. Though depending on the item you are erasing, the computer may mistake the dash for an underscore or an actual dash, making this feature slightly annoying to use at times. You can also more easily erase your writing with an actual backspace button. Based on my experience with this function, it is far easier just to use the digital keyboard and type as you would on a handheld device, as this setting is more user-friendly.

My Surface Book 3 and pen.
My Surface Book 3 and pen.

With the Surface Book 3, we also purchased the respective Surface Pen in ice blue. The pen is just as aesthetically pleasing as the computer, and its blueish gray color matches well with the computer’s silver. As is the Surface Book 3, the pen is smooth to the touch. Like some previous Microsoft pens, it has an eraser at the top that makes erasing more efficient in apps that support its erasing function. All the user has to do is flip the pen and press on the butt of the pen like an actual pencil on paper. When you flip it back to the tip, it will switch out of the eraser and back to the tool you previously selected, decreasing the time spent switching between tools. To store the pen, you can place it on the left side of the screen until the magnet latches on or place it on the right side of the keyboard by the charging port (this can only be used if the charger is not plugged in). Though, I do not recommend doing the latter. The pen storing system is certainly far better on the Surface Book 3 because previous models did not permit such efficient storage, as magnetic pens could often only latch onto the charging port since it is also magnetic.

One common annoyance I have found is minor and will hardly impact the Surface Book 3’s efficiency is the fact that the computer is sometimes difficult to turn on when it has been shut down for a while. When this happens, the computer does not turn on no matter how long you hold the power button. To remedy this, I find it helps to hold down the volume button and the power button simultaneously for five to fifteen seconds. If it still does not work, then hold down the power button alone. It should turn on after that.

Overall, I would recommend the Surface Book 3 to anyone who frequently uses or needs a laptop for daily activities. Its many functions allow its users to use it for virtually any digital work purpose needed. Visuals and typed works can be done with ease on the Surface Book 3, and a bonus is that the laptop is fairly easily portable if you have a large laptop bag. If you find yourself on the go a lot and need a multifunctional device, this computer is ideal for you, as it has a double battery and is fairly thin and light considering its size. If you are looking for a new laptop, it is worth considering the Surface Book 3. The device offers a lot of features that its counterparts do not, which should be noted when comparing potential candidates for your next laptop. Of course, as anything does, the computer has its cons, but they are so minuscule that the benefits far outweigh them. If you do decide to purchase the Surface Book 3, it will not disappoint.

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