Review: Ihoomee Galaxy Star Projector Night Light

Review: Ihoomee Galaxy Star Projector Night Light

We were looking for something fun and versatile to put into our youngest daughter’s room and thought that the Ihoomee Galaxy Star Projector Night Light might fit the bill. Since she still relies on a night light to fall asleep, we thought this might be a fun alternative with plenty of other uses beyond just bedtime.

The box.
The box.

Some of the uses listed on the package are: night light, mood light, ocean wave projector, star projector, starlit dinner, party light, and game room decor. Those are all well and good, but essentially what you’re getting here is a USB-powered light and effects projector that can also play music on its onboard speakers either over Bluetooth or via its USB-A connector.

Looking inside the box.
Looking inside the box.

In the box you get the globe-like USB projector (we have the all-white model), a stand, USB-C power cable (you’ll need to supply your own USB power brick or alternative, 5V/2A), remote control (requires two AAA batteries, not included), and manual.

The contents.
The contents.

On the projector are 6 function buttons: Switch Projection Modes, LED Color Options, On/Off, Audio Mode, and Cloud Dynamics Speed Adjustment. Most functions are self-explanatory, save for maybe Audio Mode, which allows the projector’s lights to respond in-time to external music (when On).

Using the stand, since the projector is not directly attached, you can easily place it at any angle up to 120 degrees.

The remote is truly full function. Not only are the 6 functions on the projector replicated, but it also contains a whole host of media and timer controls. In total, there are 24 functions possible on the remote. The only real oddity is that volume up is on the left, rather than on the right, but that’s not really a major deal.

Video of the Ihoomee Galaxy Star Projector Night Light in action

Using the projector is easy. There’s a built-in voice that tells you what mode it’s in, and, once powered on, it immediately shows the last projection mode. Pairing over Bluetooth is as simple as looking for the BTK19 device and connecting. I had no problem connecting with my iPhone (although the projector did identify as a “car stereo” for some reason) and playing music via Spotify.

Sound over Bluetooth (and USB) is about what you’d expect on the modest speakers. Music plays clearly, but there’s not much depth or punch. Still, it’s nice to have the option and, especially with kids, they won’t really care.

Now, for the most important part, the light show functions. Overall, they’re great. With three projection points, the variety of effects are reasonably varied and impressive. particularly at this device’s modest price point.

If you’re looking for an alternative night light, a fun party light, or just a versatile multimedia device that doesn’t break the bank, the Ihoomee Galaxy Star Projector Night Light delivers.

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